Ehrlichiosis or Blood Parasitism

Like Dengue Fever in humans, blood parasitism is a microbe carried by insects. In the case of dogs, these insects are ticks (not mosquitoes). If you read Marvel Comics, blood parasitism in dogs is like Galactus and the planets. In order to survive, the cosmic entity Galactus needs to consume planets. Blood parasites need to consume cells in your dog’s …

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Canine Leptospirosis

Your dog killed a big rat several weeks ago. Today, your dog is weak and his eyes, ears and skin are yellow. Luckily, there is a cure and prevention for Lepto in Manila and it involves just buying a few medicines and having your pet vaccinated. If your dog is at the early stages of the infection without kidney and …

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Urine Issues

Difficulty in Urinating Can’t pee? Painful pee? Very little pee? One day you wake up to find your precious baby girl squatting for a long time and no pee is coming out. You approach her only to find her back arched, and her tummy tender. Is it just UTI? Problems of the lower urinary system of pets could manifest as: …

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