Feline Parvovirus or Panleukopenia

Commonly a sickness of feral cats in Manila, it is a life-threatening and highly contagious infectious disease. Kittens are the most vulnerable. This disease is very preventable as vaccines are widely distributed in veterinary facilities around Manila. However the disease is hard to control because of the overpopulation of cats in our region. WHAT CAUSES FELINE PANLEUKOPENIA? A virus that …

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Canine Distemper Infection

Canine Distemper is a highly contagious and commonly lethal viral infection that affects the brain, lungs, and tummy. It is comparable to measles in man (tigdas). When Taal erupted in early 2020, a lot of people rescued dogs from that area. Unfortunately, we had quite a number of cases of rescued Taal dogs who were positive with the virus. It …

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