Existing for thousands of years, mammals could be infected by a bite wound in most cases. About 55,000 people die each year from Rabies. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS IS THERE A CURE FOR RABIES? None. It is untreatable once the symptoms begin. DOES GARLIC, MALUNGGAY, WOUND SUCKING (SIPSIP SUGAT), TANDOK, POURING OIL (BUHOS LANGIS) WORK AGAINST RABIES? Hell-to-the-no! HOW CAN MY …

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Dog Bite Injury

In-fighting among household pets is an inevitable problem caused by complex behavioural causes. Dogs may become aggressive with other dogs or cats. Male dogs who had been friends for a long time can suddenly become enemies if a female dog is in heat. Food aggression is also a common cause of traumatic injury in household pets. Treating a dog bite …

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