Canine Distemper Infection

Canine Distemper is a highly contagious and commonly lethal viral infection that affects the brain, lungs, and tummy. It is comparable to measles in man (tigdas). When Taal erupted in early 2020, a lot of people rescued dogs from that area. Unfortunately, we had quite a number of cases of rescued Taal dogs who were positive with the virus. It …

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Dog Bite Injury

In-fighting among household pets is an inevitable problem caused by complex behavioural causes. Dogs may become aggressive with other dogs or cats. Male dogs who had been friends for a long time can suddenly become enemies if a female dog is in heat. Food aggression is also a common cause of traumatic injury in household pets. Treating a dog bite …

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Urine Issues

Difficulty in Urinating Can’t pee? Painful pee? Very little pee? One day you wake up to find your precious baby girl squatting for a long time and no pee is coming out. You approach her only to find her back arched, and her tummy tender. Is it just UTI? Problems of the lower urinary system of pets could manifest as: …

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