Existing for thousands of years, mammals could be infected by a bite wound in most cases. About 55,000 people die each year from Rabies.


None. It is untreatable once the symptoms begin.

It should be bitten by a dog infected by rabies. If you watch zombie movies, a man can become a zombie if it gets bitten by another zombie.

Other animals that carry rabies in the Philippines are bats and cats.

Once bitten, symptoms could appear in 21 to 80 days.

It should be bitten by an infected dog or cat. If you watch zombie movies, a man can become a zombie if it gets bitten by another zombie.

Symptoms could appear from 28 to 42 days.

However, there are actually more dogs who get rabies in cats because cats are more agile and can hide or run faster when confronted by a rabid animal.

Yes and no.

Yes, if you rescued your puppy from somewhere where the disease is present.

No, if the puppy came from your home and the mommy dog has no Rabies.

It depends.

If it is a bite without any wound or penetration at all, just wash it with soap and water.

If the bite is at your head or near your chest, you must get injections.

If the bite has broken the skin (caused some skin to scrape off or it is a deep bite), go to your City Health Office for your free course of shots. Check with your local health authorities if it is free. If you go to a private hospital or clinic, it could cost you somewhere between PHP 4,000 to 21,000.00+

No. Observe the dog for two weeks. If it dies, you should have its head sent to a hospital laboratory in Manila for Rabies identification. Read this whole section to find more.

If nothing happened after the observation period, yes you may.

We live in the third world so it is high. If you have responsible neighbors who have all their dogs vaccinated, you do not need to panic. But if they just let loose their pets all day and one of it bit you, ring the alarm.

A fresh bite wound should be quickly washed with water and soap.

Then go immediately to an animal bite center while you ask someone to help identify where the dog lives. The center will give you instructions on what to do.

Knowing who the owner of the dog and their location may help if the need arises to humanely cut off the dog’s head for rabies identification in San Lazaro Hospital in Manila, or at RITM at the south.

If the dog who bit you dies around 10 days after it bit you, it may have Rabies. Its head should be frozen and sent to San Lazaro Hospital in Manila for confirmation. It could take several days for the results to come out. Unfortunately, I can not locate its laboratory’s website to give you assistance.

RITM’s Rabies identification costs PHP 5,000.00. The dog’s head should be frozen in 2 to 8 degree Celsius during transport in order to be tested immediately. Do not cook, burn, and put chemicals on the dog’s head. This is a strict requirement of the laboratory. Just put it in a bag and freeze.

Of course, please observe common courtesy. Most specially if your dog is unleashed, and always left in the streets, you are liable to the person it injures.

Of course, it is common courtesy. Most specially if his or her dog is unleashed, and always left in the streets, they are liable to the person it injures. Asking your local village chief for help may prove beneficial at times.

It can take up to a year from the time of the bite. Once the symptoms show, there is no cure or treatment.

Bring your pet to the vet. Rabies is a once-a-year vaccination for the next 10 to 15 years of your pet’s life. And it only costs PHP 350.00. Some cities in Metro Manila provide it for free during their annual baranggay to baranggay dog and cat registration. You should call your city’s City Veterinary Office to ask about this service.


Look for an emergency service provider in advance by calling your nearby vets. It helps to know who is open at the middle of the night. Be sure you meet with the doctors and staff to make sure that this place is where you would want to take your pet if you had to. You may opt to transfer your pet to your primary care veterinarian the next day if you wish.

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