Essentials of Raising a Dog in the Philippines


Know the secrets, insider tips, and money-saving advice in raising a dog in Manila. Dr. Van shares his experience, expertise and passion in dogs to YOU.

It’s not enough that you just love your pet. You can give your dog a life free from pain and sickness. Getting your dog sick just because you didn’t know more will cost you thousands of money.

This is your chance to become a better pet parent. Avoid mistakes that could harm your dog’s health. Take the course and give yourself and your dog a safe, comfortable, and happy life.

(No veterinary knowledge needed. You don’t need to be a professional in order to know what’s best for your dog!)


This course cuts down your traditional 1-6 months of to-and-fro veterinary consultations to its best essentials. First time pet parents will learn the planning, management, and the steps needed in order to make their first and succeeding years with their new dog a happy and disease-free experience. Experienced dog parents will benefit from the course as the vet-online-teacher uses real life examples, clinical cases, unforgettable experiences, money-saving tips, and straight-to-the-point explanations of simplified vital components of veterinary medicine that non-scientific persons will easily understand. By the end of this course, any dog parent will have learned insider tips and tricks from an experienced veterinarian, and will know the basics when faced with an emergency concerning their dog.


  • What to consider when having a new dog
  • How to buy a puppy from the internet and avoid scams
  • How to understand your dog’s papers
  • The top dog food and supplies in Metro Manila
  • The only anti-tick and flea meds worth buying
  • How to choose a vet who’s right for you and your dog
  • How to assemble a DIY first aid kit and travel kit
  • How to establish a doggy routine: daily, monthly, annually, and once-in-a-lifetime considerations
  • How to understand your dog’s vaccination card and its due dates
  • How to spot the top 5 dog infectious diseases in Metro Manila and what to do next
  • How to exercise and get fit with your dog
  • How to make your vet visit fun and stress free
  • Top 13 tips to keep your dog healthy during the next several years
  • How to interpret basic dog behavior and communication


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