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How to Choose a Pet Bed?

There are hundreds of dog and cat beds on the internet. Choosing one could be a daunting task. Before picking a purchase, take some time to think of the best one for your pet with the help of our guide.

My dog's IKEA Lurvig cushion

After over a year of daily usage, the quality is still good. Though the white part of the fabric has some dark stains that are hard to remove, it is still worth an investment.

Personally, my grandpa Miniature Schnauzer uses an Ikea  24.5 x 39.25”Lurvig Cushion which we brought from an Ikea in New Jersey. If you have friends or relatives abroad, you can ask them to buy and ship the cushion for you. Salty has been using the green and white cushion for over a year. It is very easy to clean, adequately water proof, and does not collect much fur or stains. Even if he scratches on it repeatedly during his before sleeping ritual, the fabric is still intact. Simply unzip to strip the cover and dump it in the washer. It dries quickly after hanging. I personally recommend this product.


A bed twice as big as your pet’s actual size is enough. Meaning a Chihuahua should roughly have a bed the size of a throw pillow, while a German shepherd with the size of a refrigerator.

If you have dogs who prefer sleeping together, buying a big bed is fine.


If you are placing the bed outdoors, use plain fabric. Remember, it will collect dust, hair, soil and dirt so it’s best if it is of a low maintenance built.

Faux fur can be considered if you are placing the bed indoors. If you have a pet who drools a lot, using faux fur for its bed is a bad decision (not unless if you’re willing to laundry it on a regular basis).

Plastic beds and puppies are horrible combinations. Your teething puppy can reduce that plastic bed daily until there’s nothing left. If it is past the teething stage, you may consider this material.

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It depends on your pet’s sleeping preference. If your pet sleeps on all fours or on its back with legs stretched to the heavens, a rectangular bed is a great idea. You may consider a round bed if your pet frequently sleeps on its side.


You need to buy an orthopaedic memory foam if you have an old dog, a Bulldog, or any large breed of dog which may have or currently has arthritis.

If you are at a physical store, try to sit on the foam and feel if it is of a good quality that will last for a long time.

You need to consider the weight limit of each foam as stated by the manufacturer. This is important because it dictates how easily your foam will thin out over time. Its wear and tear will speed up if you bought a foam for a Chihuhua and used it for a Bullmastiff.


Very important! As we live in a humid tropical country, the bed tends to get dirtier faster. A bed with a removable cover that can be spun in the washing machine for a quarter of an hour is beneficial if you are always in a hurry (or to put it simply, you’re lazy).

Waterproofing is also necessary. A cover that does not absorb vomit, urine, water, or diarrhea will help protect the underlying foam for the next few years.

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There are beds or cushions that can be easily put inside the crate. This is essential in considering what to buy if you are planning to travel a lot with your pet.

Use a measuring tape to measure the dimensions of your crate before buying a bed.


Dog or cat beds costing less than a thousand peso is everywhere. But sadly, some are of poor quality. It is worth to buy a more costly bed that will last for the next few years than to buy a cheap bed every year. Imagine the trash you’re generating to the world. There’s already a climate emergency happening.


The tent form of bed, or cave beds, is ideal if you have a cat. If you have dogs that usually sleep under chairs, tables, or under the cover of any object, they will appreciate this form. Having an enclosing structure around them gives them a sense of security, an instinct that dates back to their wolf origins.

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