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Dog’s Coat Whitening Hack

You have probably wondered how your pet gets its perfect white finish after coming from the groomer.

Do not be shocked.

You can actually do it at home with only a couple of items that could be lying inside your house.

You just need a bar of white Perla soap and a baby powder.

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Rinse your pet’s body with water from tail to neck. The head gets wet last, paying careful attention to avoiding its eyes, nose and ears.


Lather the white Perla soap all over. I recommend starting with this order: tail, butt, hindlegs, belly, chest, frontlegs, neck, then head. Avoid the eyes, nose and ears. Allow 10 minutes contact time before rinsing.

Take note that the soap could take a longer time to be washed away as compared to regular dog soap or shampoo. It’s okay if your pet licks some of the soap, as long as it does not swallow a portion of or the entire bar.


Use a blow dryer with very little heat to dry the coat.  Alternatively, you can use an electric fan to dry your pet. Be sure there is a safe distance between your pet and the appliance. Use a slicker brush to brush against the direction of the hair to allow faster drying.

Take note that using a blow dryer with heat on a pet with a skin disease is not advisable as it will worsen inflammation by opening up the pores and increasing blood flow.


Once your pet is completely dry, apply baby powder little by little, on its legs and body. Again, the head comes last. If your pet is flat-faced, do not do it. If it sneezes a lot when it smells the powder, abort.

Take note that if your pet has severe stains, it may need to have a “kalbo” or no hair haircut at the groomer. Once saliva or tear stains have been left for so long, it is definitely difficult to remove. While the hair grows, take good care of it. Most dogs get stressed if they have dirty and smelly hair. They really appreciate it when you clean them properly.

You may do this routine once weekly, substituting any soap or shampoo that you may find more effective in whitening than Perla. Discontinue use if your pet develops excessively itchy skin after first use. It’s a laundry soap after all (and your grandparents insist on using it to wash the dishes).

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