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Dog Shampoos and Soaps

If you want the best hygienic care for your pet, below is my list based on personal preferences and clients' experiences.

Should you be here because your pet’s skin is itchy, read our article on its first aid by tapping here.

Vetnoderm Soap

145 grams is PHP 120.00

  • Very cheap, easily available, acceptable scent, helps reduce parasites on your pet’s skin
  • Whether your pet has skin problems or none, this is highly recommended. This product is in the market for a long time. I’ve known some vets who use it on their skin when they get mange from their patients. I even had a classmate in vet school who claimed it reduced her pimples. Use at your own risk.

Bayopet Aloe Vera Soap

90 grams is PHP 130.00 BUY HERE!

  • Cheap, easily available, great scent, great as a soap for pets with normal skin
  • If you are just looking for a soap that is wallet-friendly, here you go.

Saint Roche Organic Dog Shampoo

1,050 mL is PHP 470.00

  • Affordable, easily available, great scent and moisturizing effect when combined with conditioner
  • If your pet has no existing skin problem and you are just looking for a shampoo with a great scent and moisturizing benefit, this is your best option. If your pet has oily skin, look for another option.
  • Not ideal if your pet is diagnosed with Dermatophytosis (skin fungus)

Furmagic Shampoo

1,000 mL is PHP 500.00

  • Scent could be “too strong” to some people, but is ideal if you need to mask your dog’s body odor.
  • Not ideal if your pet is diagnosed with Dermatophytosis (skin fungus)

Sergeant’s Fur So Fresh Shampoo

532 mL is PHP 400.00

  • Mid-range price, challenging availability, excellent scent, great for dry and itchy skin
  • There was a time when my 17 year old Miniature Schnauzer had experienced a dry, flaky and itchy skin episode. It turned out his previous shampoo’s pH was just not skin friendly (too strong). Luckily I tried this one and it helped to restore his skin’s protective barrier and gradually reduced his itch. Great for those senior dogs who itch from time to time.

Oster Shampoo

532 mL is PHP 500.00

  • Mid-range price, easily available, great scent, ideal for pets with skin problems.
  • This is my go-to prescription shampoo for pets with certain skin problems:
    • Insect Guard – to repel mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, lice
    • Gentle Puppy Shampoo – for puppies who wrestle with you during bath time and swallow lots of lather
    • Extra Soothing – for pets with very sensitive and itchy skin
    • Healthy Coat – helps to reduce tangles and knots
    • Oatmeal Essentials – for maintaining great skin and coat
    • Flea and Tick Shampoo – to help reduce fleas and ticks
    • Dander Control – to help reduce the skin flakes of your cat
    • Shed Control – to help reduce the fur being shed



Take note that the soaps and shampoos above only help to reduce conditions. Do not expect a magic result of curing the condition just by using the product. You still need to have your pet undergo a dermatological test if the condition does not resolve by the soap/shampoo alone.

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