Dog Shampoos and Soaps

If you want the best hygienic care for your pet, below is my list based on personal preferences and clients’ experiences. Should you be here because your pet’s skin is itchy, read our article on its first aid by tapping here. Vetnoderm Soap 145 grams is PHP 120.00 Very cheap, easily available, acceptable scent, helps reduce parasites on your pet’s …

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Dog’s Coat Whitening Hack

You have probably wondered how your pet gets its perfect white finish after coming from the groomer. Do not be shocked. You can actually do it at home with only a couple of items that could be lying inside your house. You just need a bar of white Perla soap and a baby powder. STEP 1 Rinse your pet’s body …

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Travelling with Your Pet

Guide for Travel Within the Islands of the Philippines Planning a vacation in the province next summer? Or are you moving out your pet from Manila’s smog and heading to the peace and quiet in the fresh province environment? If ever you are wondering what preparations to make, I can help you with this. REQUIREMENTS BY LAW In order to …

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6 Steps to Buying A Puppy

Prepare your house, your wallet, and your mind with our easy to follow puppy acquisition guide: STEP 1: Research There are many breeds to choose from given the globalization of dog trade. There are Manila – based kennels who import rare breeds from the western hemisphere to our shores. But, which is the right one for you? You need to …

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How to Choose a Pet Bed?

There are hundreds of dog and cat beds on the internet. Choosing one could be a daunting task. Before picking a purchase, take some time to think of the best one for your pet with the help of our guide. My dog’s IKEA Lurvig cushion After over a year of daily usage, the quality is still good. Though the white …

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Pet Food

Whether you’re looking to replacing your pet food or just researching for your new pet, you’ve come to the right place! Scroll down if you want to jump to the top cat food choices in Manila. There are hundreds of pet food options on the internet, and choosing the best one for your pet may lead you to a costly …

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Anti-Tick and Flea Products

Here is a quick list of the anti-tick and flea products that I prescribe to my patients. This is arranged in order of most recommended to least. My basis for this list is feedback from the parents of my patients, and my professional experience. Scroll down if you want to jump to the top 3 preventives for cats. For Dogs …

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