Dr. Cruz finishing a routine dental procedure of in 2019.

In the Philippines, I work in one of the largest veterinary hospitals in the capital.  With a professional career advancing over half a decade, I specialize in the clinical management of common infections such as Leptospirosis, vector-borne blood parasites, Feline Infectious Peritonitis, Feline Panleukopenia Virus, Canine Distemper and Canine Parvovirus. I am able to carry out common surgeries which range from the routine caesarian sectiondental scaling and extractions, to the less common procedures such as extra-abdominal electrocautery of soft tissue neoplasmsgastrotomy (with foreign body extraction), and scrotal sac ablation with permanent urethrostomy in male dogs

Personal Statement

Whenever a complicated case would present itself at the hospital, I would find time to revisit old textbooks and research journals to optimize my diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. While others may try to evade the hard cases, I always embrace them knowing that learning, no matter how hard it is, is beneficial to my career in the long term. Thus, after several years of practicing small animal medicine, I have gained knowledge and skills enough to know the common diagnostic algorithms and management of basic medical and surgical diseases of dogs and cats – but I believe that there is no harm in always wanting to know more.

Despite the globalization of veterinary medicine, practicing in a third world country has its limitations. Treatment options are restricted by the low availability of advanced therapeutic drugs and medical equipment. False information, such as veterinary homeopathy, is on the rise thanks to the advent of the internet and the reluctance of pet owners to seek proper veterinary care. Budget cuts within the government result in slashed funding of research and education, contributing further to the decline of Filipino pet owners’ trust in our profession.

My service to the veterinary profession, as the veterinary training officer of undergraduate small animal interns from several veterinary schools, has inspired me to elevate the profession  further by providing them advanced and evidence-based medical knowledge. Most of our interns come from impoverished backgrounds and our hospital advocates that veterinary education should be free and accessible for all.

The above conditions paved the way to my realization that my calling is to help advance our small animal profession from third-world to first-world standards. No matter what socioeconomic background of the client, their pets still deserve the best quality of veterinary care.  This service-oriented goal will be made possible through the help of ManilaVet.com


My Goals

With this online platform, I intend to expand my clinical skills and knowledge to improve patient care, increase my confidence as a professional, serve the underprivileged pet owners, and share my knowledge with my fellow Filipino veterinarians. It is through this platform that our local veterinary community will be able to give back to our clients from all walks of life by way of improved service, increased availability of treatment options, and the confident assurance that their pet is in good hands. 

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